Roxilyn Canine Therapy Centre
Roxilyn Canine Therapy Centre

Dr Sarah Stieg (RCVS)

Sarah is a fully qualified vet and homeopath, who treats at our centre. Sarah takes her time to get to know every aspect of your dog and the concerning problem concentrating not only upon the obvious signs/symptoms but also upon any other sign or symptom, past or present, which the patient may show or may have exhibited at some time in the past. Furthermore, Sarah takes account of all external factors, that may impact upon the patient including; living quarters, feeding, chemical environment, previous or current drug treatments and parasite control methods. All of these factors must be optimised, to enable maximum healing capability. Sarah offers all aspects of veterinary treatments as well as titre blood testing and vaccination advice.

Emma Hustler (MSc)

Emma is a McTimoney Animal Practitioner who also treats at the centre. McTimoney treatment is delivered by hand, and will align and balance the animal's musculoskeletal system. By adjusting misaligned joints throughout the whole body, paying special attention to the spine and pelvis, health, soundness and performance may be restored and maintained. It does this by decreasing pain and increasing range of movement where it has been compromised. Alongside McTimoney treatment Emma also offers low level laser therapy.

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Becky Godridge

Becky is a canine massage therapist here at the centre. Therapeutic Canine Massage is the scientific application of inter disciplinary massage techniques on the dogs body to achieve significant improvements in their mobility and quality of life as well as achieving significant results in injury rehabilitation and orthopaedic management. Treatments are highly beneficial for working and agility dogs as well as for pet dogs and older dogs.

Karen Edwards

Karen offers pregnancy bitch scanning here at Roxilyn. Karen is a highly experienced breeder and is often the first port of call with other breeders for her scanning abilities. Karen scans bitches from any time after 3 weeks post mating confirming if the bitch is in pup or not and the approximate number of puppies.